The cablecam- Condorcam is an A to B system with reaching spans of 1200ft* and speeds of 60+mph.  We have the ability to adapt many remote heads, depending on the nature of the project & camera desired.  We can fly where many airships are restricted, like drones or helicopters.  When choosing a cablecam system, you have to remember that not all are made equal- our experienced team has been in the Live Broadcast & Film markets for over 15 years and know these two worlds & their demands quite well, which are completely different.  We have customized our system to excel for Broadcast or Film & commercial shoots.  What you can expect from our system:

  • Maximum event coverage 
  • Dynamic action shots
  • Raises production value 
  • Repeatable shots
  • Unlimited airtime 
  • Professional & knowledgable crew 
  • Lower tension & rigging demand values 
  • Complete turn key operation